Trans Julius Training Days: Cerkno, Koroška & Ljubljana

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Trans Julius Training Days are multiplying and bringing new content in 2019: we are not going to train just on bikes, but also with shovels and our minds in constructive debates how can we all contribute to a higher reputation of mountain biking. Three days, three different locations and three great MTB teams which can all be our role models how to approach mountain biking development: join us at Trans Julius Training Days in Cerkno (6th April 2019), Koroška (13th April 2019) and Ljubljana (11th May 2019)!


8:00-8:30 - get-together at the location

8:30-13:00 - trail building

13:00-15:00 - lunch and debate about MTB development

15:00-18:00 - biking! :)

If you don't have your own trail building tools, you can borrow it at the location.

Lunch & constructive debate:

At lunch time we will discuss experiences with the host team and its partners about the process of establishing mountain bike trails, legislative procedures etc. We will organise lunch at the location and the price will be as friendly as possible.

Free registration:

CERKNO: 6th April 2019: Please, register here. KOROŠKA: 13th April 2019: Please, register here. LJUBLJANA: 11th May 2019: Please, register here.

* The registration is free, so please if you register and then you can't come, give us a note as soon as possible!