Trans Julius Training Day 2019 in CERKNO

First Trans Julius Training Day 2019 took place in Cerkno. This year training day has a new program and it is not just one - there are two more to come. The next one is coming on Saturday (11th April) in Koroška region and the third one is going to be in Ljubljana on May 13th.

Video by Mitja Sodja Photography

After welcome coffee 25 bikers and neighbours were building 2 km of a new trail and maintained 4 km of an existing trail. 5 hours of making new berms, drops, water derivations etc. passed so fast and the motivation was still high to work more! It was pretty hard to take a break for a lunch. After that local rider Martin Rupnik and Tadej Razpet organised guided tour and for a test ride on a new part of the trail. The best feeling when you build a new trail and then you can test by yourself what you have done.

It was really a day to remember, not just about the work we have done, but also about new friends we made and explore new parts of Slovenia. Tadej & Martin were amazing hosts and guides. Just another proof that Cerkno MTB community is really making one of the greatest development of mountain biking in Slovenia. Thank you All for being with us and making a great day!

Photos by Gregor Skoberne Photography