10 months of creating Trans Julius 2017

Photos, videos and especially feedbacks of Trans Julius competitors tell more than I could ever write in a press release (as it is common for a “serious” event). Due to my long PR history I can dare to ignore classic press release and write about those things that our photographers Mitja and Gregor and TJ competitors couldn’t catch into photos and video. 

Trans Julius was created by 4 people in last 10 months, during the event additional 200 people (marshals, partners, cooks, etc.) helped us to make 4 days of unforgettable experience of Slovenian riding, travelling, eating local food.

When you have more than 10 years of experiences in sports marketing on Slovenian market, many of my colleagues would say: you should be happy. But I was not happy with creating super nice events for football, basketball, ice hockey etc. I was looking for something else that make people excited and drives their emotions for a sport.  And so without experiences of MTB events me and Primož created an idea of a first multi day enduro MTB event in Slovenia which includes local culinary, discovering hidden places and enjoying the magic scenery of the Julian Alps. 

Event is like a human being - you can plan and predict many things, but still many activities can go different (better or worse :)). Despite my really high self-criticism today I am aware that we reach even the highest expectations of the most of the TJ riders from organisational point of view, trails diversity, and the main idea of integration of travelling, adrenaline and tourism.

Many people have been asking how hard it was to get all the permissions from Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Nature Conservation and all other institutions. Indeed that was the easiest part of all the organisational process, especially because the representatives of the Institute for Nature Conservation were really fast responsive and cooperative. More than 150 owners signed the agreement that we were allowed to ride the trails on the event. When we were visiting those owners with totally different accent and we expected they would see us as a foreigners, they welcomed us with homemade cookies, juices and coffee. And the best feeling at the end when they said: good luck with the competition!

Every destination where Trans Julius took place has unlimited number of amazing stories. Simon from Jazz Cerkno is surely the most calm person I’ve ever met in event management. Ančka’s goulash and žlikrofi were just culinary poetry. Aljaž from tourist farm Široko is the boss with the biggest heart. When you see that a boss takes a vest for a marshal, you are just speechless. I will never forget all the support guys from Soriška planina show us and to Polona. They are not just working there, but they all really breathe for the Soriška planina. Bohinj is another story :) a series of adventures and I repeat my words again: people supported us without any question, because they saw we are creating a unique story for all of us - not just us as organisers but for mountain bikers, local people, tourists, country.

Maybe all those words sound like a sugar overdose. For sure last 10 months were far away from easy way up. It was like a extreme technical trail :) but after that downhill I can say it was definitely more extreme than Primož ride of the dam :)

For the end: yep, Trans Julius 2018 is in our plan for sure :) 


p.s.: I know Primož will be angry because of those last words, but I will still take a risk: Thank you Primož for believing everything is going to be OK :)