TJ Weekend Cerkno: can corona bring something better?

A year 404 brought one of the best weekends in year so far: with MTB Cerkno Lines we found a way to ride and bring together Trans Julius riders in the light of all restrictions due to corona virus. 59 riders enjoyed unforgettable weekend of endless riding, good local food, sunbathing, laughing and relaxation - the things that we all need in this times.

In March we were all confronted with new era of MTB competitions and events. Trans Julius stubbornness is unlimited and in a short time we arrange with local MTB teams to organise Trans Julius Summer - riding Trans Julius trails in smaller groups and with MTB guides. With Cerkno team we found a date. After last year TJ training day the location was not a question: small village Orehek (near Cerkno). When riders came on Friday and Saturday there were rare who didn't ask: Where did you find this place? But on Saturday evening this question changed into a quote: That is the best MTB place you can find!

59 participants had three options: all-weekend riding or justo on Saturday or Sunday. They were divided into different groups regarding level of experience: for those who love to follow Trans Julius No1 rider Tadej Razpet and those who enjoy relaxed riding .