A guide for new riders at the 4th edition of 4-day enduro MTB adventure

Trans Julius is a blind MTB enduro race taking place in Alpine Slovenia. In 4 days riders experience diverse stages in 3 places. Because we want to show you as many trails and good locations to ride bike in Slovenia, there are a few specifics that you need to know if you are a new rider of Trans Julius 2020. And of course also for those who have been at TJ previous years, there are new things coming in 2020!

Basics about Trans Julius 2020

Trans Julius is a 4-day enduro MTB race with 6 stages this year on 3 different locations - Cerkno, Most na Soči and Bohinj. In-between those locations riders travel with their own cars, vans etc (the drive is proximately 30 minutes long).

What if I fly to Slovenia?

If you don’t have your own car and you plan to fly to Slovenia, there are a few options:

1: We can help you to rent a van or a car - it depends on a number of people. You can get a rental van for 40 EUR per day.

2: If there are more individuals without car, we help you to organise a group and travel together.

What if I am a beginner?

If you are a beginner, you can join Trans Julius 2020 as a rider with non-competitive registration. It includes all the activities except timing system. The group of non-competitive riders will ride stages with a MTB guide who will explain you the trail and warn you before technical sections.

What doesn’t include registration fee?

Registration fee doesn’t include:

  • breakfast and dinner

  • accommodations

  • car drive between three locations (but registration fee includes a car train!)

Breakfast and dinner:

At all locations you can find grocery store, bakery and local bars with great coffee, toasts and fried eggs (especially in Bohinj at Restaurant Štrudl they prepare really delicious breakfasts!). For dinner you can find different restaurants with local food and international dishes: pizza, pasta, steaks - whatever you wish for!


Many riders come with their vans so we don’t want people to pay in registration fee for something they don’t need. But every year we prepare special offers for accommodations with local tourist organisation. After you will receive special offer with prices on your email, you can book directly at the accommodation - so, you avoid paying additional fees to tourist agency.

This year you will need accommodation in two places:

  • Cerkno (18th-20th June 2020; two nights for those with registration for 4 days; those with 3-day registration you need just one night in Cerkno - 19th-20th June 2020)

  • Bohinj (20th-21st June 2020)

Continental Bike Service Point

As in previous year you can expect the mechanical team - Matjaž and Tine - to be there for all bike problems. As some of you have experienced in previous years, they are experts and even more, riders help each other a lot and solve every issue!

What we recommend to pack for Trans Julius 2020?
  • Bike (well, without it the experience won’t be as you wish!)

  • Casual biking clothes

  • Rain coat

  • Multi Tool

  • Hydration backpack

  • Optional full face helmet

  • Protection gear (knee pads mandatory, elbow protection is optional)

Program day by day is published here.

If you have a question that is not answered above, you can contact us to email address ride@trans-julius.com.

Photos: Gregor Skoberne Photography